How does red light work?

How does red light work?

Different light spectrums are seen with human eyes as different colors such as green, blue and red. What separates red light from other colors is its ability to penetrate the skin surface and ability to influence favorably in cellular level. The Human body can exploit wavelengths by transforming it into energy, which simulates the natural healing process of cells. Blue light is known to disrupt sleeping and the production of melatonin so the light as we see it affects our wellbeing. Red light reduces oxidative stress in human cells and skin. There are a wide variety of wavelengths, but we focus on two wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm because the others do not share the same benefits as these do. The first one, 660nm, can be seen with eyes. It is absorbed to skin tissue improving skin health and the production of collagen. The other wavelength of 850nm can be absorbed more in-depth into the tissue under the skin improving muscle recovery and reducing joint pain. Red light has the almost countless number of benefits and these examples presented are just a few but excellent examples of what you can achieve with our Red Aurora.

Red light and research

Red light has been an exciting subject for the scientist to conduct studies with. NASA has studied red light with astronauts growing their vegetables in space with red light. The results were astonishingly good. Medical studies have also been conducted vast amount, and the focus has been in infections, weight control, skin conditions, sleep and sleeping habits, and muscle recovery to mention few. Results have been promising, and there are lots of ongoing studies.

Red Aurora

Read Aurora is a quality product which has been created by Led Finland with long experience with wavelengths. Red Aurora is a safe, functional and high-quality product. It contains 60 pcs of 5w LEDs of which 30 pcs work on 660nm and 30pcs 850nm wavelengths. Both wavelengths can be used simultaneously or separately - a way to ensure the quality of red light. Red Aurora is robust and can be used in the privacy of one’s home, beauty salon or gym to enhance wellbeing.

You can read more about red light, and its benefits from the Finnish website which is assembled by Vladimir Heiskanen : Valtsu´s

Red Aurora Light


Red Aurora is a forerunner of well-being. Red Aurora supports your well-being when facing challenges.


In the studies of the impact of red light concerning infections, weight control, skin conditions, sleep/sleeping habits, and muscle recovery the results have been promising.


Red Aurora is a High-quality product which has been created by Led Finland. Led Finland has long experience with led lighting and wavelengths. All this results in Red Aurora which is safe, functional and high-quality.